Mar. 5th, 2001

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So, it was my birthday on Saturday. I was 23. I am now old. *sigh*

Becky gave me a Dangermouse video! :))) *bouncebouncebounce* :)

And Sara got me some Homer socks and a lovelylovelylookssoexpensive book about malt whiskey :)

And Jill got me a Magic Roundabout video and a few little bits and pieces involving owls (yey) and things. :)

And and I got money from my parents which I completely spent when they took me to Ikea (which was sososo busy, bah)

And I got a card from Cel and a phone call from Roz and sms happy birthdays from Tree and HelenS and Charlotte and Sana and LJ happy birthdays from Jude and Charlotte (again) and Jem and er, LJ itself, and emails from Stef and HelenG and icq happy birthdays from Stef (the male one) and Emma and Agnes and Ginnie and Mark and Ciaran and Neil.

I think that's everyone.

And I saw Becky last night and you can read her journal to find out about it :p But that was lovely too. Yesyes.
I'm struck by a sudden feeling of loneliness.

I live in London now. Who do I actually know in London, who can I pop round to at the drop of a hat? Nobody. Even people I do know in London live the other side, half an hour, an hour, more away.

It was never a problem in Cambridge. Or in Newark, for that matter. But where do I start in London?

I'm whining. Bah.

(And maybe I'll feel less friendless when my post from Cambridge gets forwarded on to me? Maybe?)
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Oh, and Cel and Becky are out having fun in London and it's a lovely day and even though I have heaps of work I'm bored and tired.

Web sites save me from this existence.

I am happy though, yesyesyes :)



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