Mar. 19th, 2001

typisch: (hypnosis)
(Extra verbose for Linzini)

(I have put on the hypnotisey icon because I am in that mood, even though I did not hypnotise anyone in Edinburgh)

I got the train about 12 on Saturday, from London KX and went to Newark where I met my father who gave me his phone to borrow cos mine is broke and some beer for my sister and a pork pie for the journey and then I went to Doncaster and got out the train to change to one that went to Edinburgh.

Doncaster has to be the most depressing place I've ever been to. Worse than Skegness in winter. It feels *dead*. The life was sucked out by those lovely Conservative governments helped by the nice corrupt Labour councils and now you just get screamed at walking down the high street (with the public police-connected panic buttons every 200m, very reassuring).

Anyway, I wasn't there long. I got on the train to Edinburgh. I wrote letters.

Arrived in Edinburgh Waverley station about 6.10pm and met my sister. Awww. Walked up to Princes Street and along to the St James' Centre, round the side of it down Leith Street past the big John Lewis and left to Broughton Street.

Had a lazy day in the flat. My sister (Morna) showed me around the house and we settled down to watch tv. Her bf came around, he was being a bit odd as usual. Her flatmates had a big water fight in front of all the electrical things. Silly girls. We watched the 5th Element. I spent the entire film wishing I were on drugs.

Experiment: Watching the 5th Element on different types of drugs. Anyone wishing to join me is welcome.

I got up on Sunday morning. I wandered the streets, ending up at EasyEverything like a geek, which is north of Princes St on Rose Street. I went to find the bus route to the Toys R Us near Newcraighall.

I found the bus route. I think it was bus 14.

The bus route was unexceptional apart from one sign about 1/2 way into the journey when I saw a signpost. Well two, pointing the same way.

One said "Police"

The other said "Innocent cycle path"

I wondered if the police had new powers to lock up poor, innocent cyclepaths these days, but the bus pulled away.

I bought a nice new phone at Toys R Us. It has predictive text, it vibrates, it has lots of really bad ring tones, and I really like it. I want my own phone to be repaired without me having to go to court, but we'll see :\

Also, when you send a text message on it, an envelope appears on the screen. Then it gets roped and dragged away by something resembling an emu. It is weird. I love it.

I came back from there and went to KFC somewhere down South Bridge Street or Nicolson Street or something. I met Ben and Sven there and we ate chicken.

We went back to see Sven's computers and sat online for a bit and then I went over to see Sana and we had a cuddle and talked a bit and went to a pub quiz in a pub called Holyrood Palace or something on Cowgate near Sana's flat that was fairly weird and fun and I answered a few questions right and met Paul and felt tired and drunk and scared and weird and right at home and out of place. Mew.

I got a lamb samosa for tea.

No battered haggis :(((

I woke up on Monday and went round EasyEverything and wasted time and hugged my sister bye and shook hands with one of her housemates and got on the train and got off the train and bought a paper and got back on the train and came home.

I saw burny things. I think they must have been sheep or pigs. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

I am at home and tired now and sleepy and I am going to see Roz tomorrow :)

I also feel happy and rested though I am very tired. There are lots of reasons I feel happy, but I don't want to question in case I pick a thread and it unravels into a useless heap at my feet. *nod*




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