Mar. 25th, 2001

typisch: (hypnosis)
Hello. *boing*

It has been a nice few days. Becky and Sara have been round and I was going to start writing this a little while ago, just so I could start

"I currently have a beautiful girl utterly entranced lying on my bed"

except she's no longer hypnotised and is now sitting next to me fiddling with my hair (thankfully not plaiting it :)

Anyway. I already know what I'm going to write in my next entry. But it's not going in this one, so instead here's a quick quiz.

The rules:

Only answers posted as a direct reply to this post will count. This is so that LJ can do the working out of who answered what first :) Comments to other people's answers will not count. Mwahahah.

Um, that's probably it. Oh, no cheating with search engines :p

A - I love the underground

1) Name all the underground lines named after a station (or more than one station) they serve.
2) There are two areas of London where two different tube stations close to each other actually have the same name. What are they?
3) There is also a single tube station with two different names - what are they?

B - I love Now 14

4) Who sang Buffalo Stance?
5) What was Morrissey the last of?
6) Who made up Lananeeneenoonoo?

C - I love letters

7) What's the longest word you can type only using the top line of a typewriter/computer keyboard with no repeated letters?
8) What's the longest word you can type using any letters, but again with none repeated? (OED will be used to check)
9) What's the only letter not to appear in the name of an american state?

D - I love completing lyrics from songs

Add the next line:
10) 'Rent a flat above a shop, cut your hair and get a job'
11) 'Now the sun's gone to hell, and the moon's riding high'
12) 'Hey kids, do you like violence?'
13) 'Sad veiled bride, please be happy'
14) 'Been thinking about you, so how can you sleep?'
15) 'Libraries gave us power'
16) 'It's the same old theme since 1916'
17) 'Chuir mi mo chud ri Lunnainn'
18) 'Why can't we overcome this wall?'
19) 'Do I lie like a loungeroom lizard'

E - final random question insisted on by Sara

20) If I have hypnotised you, did you enjoy it? And if I haven't, can I? <:)



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