Apr. 1st, 2001

The last day of March, 2001.

Apparently I didn't get the bus until gone 2am, so I expect I slept for around 6 hours.

Anyway. I woke up too early hungover and drank my daily litre of orange juice. Chatted on icq, made contact with an old friend, and dragged myself out of the house to meet a friend who wanted to look for computer stuff.

At some point I am going to get a webcam - not sure when, though. I just think it's something I should have.

Anyway, we went around a few computer fairs, and had all-you-can-eat-for-a-fiver pizza, which was nice. Then I showed him my flat, and we played an emulated arcade game called "Metal Slug", and another called "Rainbow Islands", before heading back into town.

We went to Camden. I love Camden even though there are certain memories which can be painful.

We drank (me not so much, I was feeling rather wobbly) and some friend of my friend's happened to be there, and we all chatted. She was very attractive and complimented me, which was nice. Alright she complemented me on how good I was at self-depreciation, but it's a start.. I wasn't going to think about pulling her though, despite my friend's best efforts. I just wanted to throw up and sleep. So they are out having fun even now and I have come home to sleep.

Anyway. I feel pretty good, despite really needing a shave.

Oh, and Cel sent me a letter and a photo. Phoebe is soooo sweet :) And getting letters is lovelyyes.


Good(ish) mood? Fucking hell, eh.
I've had a shave.

Just been for a run around Regent's Park. Not sure how far that is, don't really care, it was just nice to get out into the green and exercise. Swimming is good and fun, but you don't see much scenery!

Anyway. I'm going to head off into London soon, meet a few people. I'm starting to feel less lonely I think, which is good.

This week at work will not be nice.



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