Apr. 4th, 2001

Well, here you go.

typisch: (hypnosis)
Well, that poll worked well, eh?

Last night I got a bit sozzled with Simon. Was good fun. It's nice knowing people, really. Things are getting better, slowly.

I need to go swimming this lunchtime though. No exercise since my run on Sunday, bad boy.

Erm, what else? I have started doing the "distributed computing for cancer cure" thingy, so there is a program generating molecules in the background, pwetty.

I think there should be a 'Londonmeet' LJ community, like the american ones. Oh yes.

I am very very very tired for no reason.

I might go wander round somewhere nice today. Maybe Leicester Square or Hyde Park or somewhere. Only if it stops raining though. Otherwise I'll curl up and sleeeeeeeeep.

I'm in another hypnotisey mood, goddamnit.

(Thank you for the compliments about my figure, by the way. Mwah.)
typisch: (climbing)
Tiring day. Zzzzz. Went swimming at lunchtime.

Walked around a bit tonight. From my flat it takes 15 mins to walk to Marble Arch and 25 to Oxford Circus. Nice.

I saw the post-premiere party for Bridget Jones and thought of you. I hung around outside for about 30 seconds when I decided I couldn't be bothered to wait for anyone famous to arrive. Further down the road I was asked for sex (for money of course) - I'm not sure whether he was a pimp or a rent boy though - I'd guess the former..

Want to go swimming tomorrow before work. Bed soon, then.

Oh.. I have decided my happiness is directly proportional to the bulginess of my biceps. I can wear t-shirts with pride again, rippling in some small way under the sleeves, so I must be ok.



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