Apr. 30th, 2001


Apr. 30th, 2001 10:30 pm
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I am exhausted. (this is half 10, not half 11, damnit.. silly body clock)

So. I went to France on Friday night. Had to get my first ever taxi in London from Marble Arch to Victoria cos, frankly, my rucksack was far too big for the packed rush hour buses.

(must get new sleeping bag)

Then met up with Alan et al in a small place called Swanley or something and headed off to the tunnel. Was quite an interesting experience. The ferry is far nicer, and the hovercraft better still, though.

We headed through Paris and down to Fontainebleau (Paul's car somehow driving into the Palais de Versailles) and met up outside the Chateau there (where Napoleon signed his abdication in 1814, oh yes) wondering whether to try and find a cheap hotel for a few hours or piss off our soon-to-be neighbours by pitching camp at (by then) 5am.

No surprises what we did.

At about 11 we got up - having been raining we let it dry out as we ate breakfast (bacon sarnies, mmm) and went for a potter about on the rock. Of course it rained almost as soon as we got there and the rock was pretty much unclimbable for the rest of the day. So we went shopping, and ate out in a nice cafe/bar. I had steak saignant which shocked some of the others when it arrived - I think they were expecting it to moo..

I also went to the toilet there, because the (free) campsite only had two, incredibly rank portaloos which had already been there a month (probably without being emptied). I would have preferred to have taken a shovel into the woods.

Erm, Sunday we picked up some guy from the uni club who was studying in Paris, and got in some nice climbing - quite a few hours worth. I only did one remotely tricky thing - couldn't be bothered with tricky technical stuff really, and couldn't find any pumpy jugs to play with. (And I'm not so strong as I used to be.. no one armed pull-ups for a while, methinks)

Then me and Alan went into town to find more food for lunch etc, and later still after it was dark, a few of us wandered to the village across from the campsite, about a mile away. There were lots of galleries and very expensive restaurants/5* hotels - and a strip club. Members only.

That night Ed found a few young Dutch girls - I still don't know how old, about 15 or 16 I think. It didn't half make me feel old. But they brought us marshmallows and turned out to be very mature and talkative (even in the face of being asked such wonderful questions as "what's Dutch for 'blow job'?" and "do you have a web site? *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*".)

Monday, today, it rained and rained and rained. All through the early hours and into the late morning when we tried to strike tent in some vague manner of organisation and all the way to the shopping centre a little way north on the N7 and then all the way up to Calais. Not the nicest day in the world.

So to Upminster and the tube back home and collapse. Washing to do, things to unpack and work tomorrow. But I'm sitting here worrying about people and listening to the Coldplay concert Becky is at and just wanting it to be the weekend with me deep asleep.


I have missed lots of you. Thank you for those of you who sent me text messages.. sorry for not replying too well, but they are 21p each from France, and reception was crap at the campsite :(

Oh, and I got The Best of the Doors for under 12 quid which I was quite pleased about, because I have missed not having any Doors music.

I don't sound that coherant.



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