May. 6th, 2001

I feel rough as fuck, and no mistake.

Friday night straight after work I bombed down to Kings Cross to try and get the early train to Cambridge. Needless to say I missed it by about 20 seconds - as I always do when I try to get that train. Blah. So I had to wait until the 6.15 train, which was packed. I hadn't changed into my suit by this point so I tried to get to the train toilet in the way, but it was broken and wouldn't let anyone in.. and somehow I managed to slice a nice hole in my finger in the meantime. Bastard.

So I got to Cambridge about 7.10 with formal hall starting at 7.30 and me needing to be in a suit by then. So of course, I did the only thing I could - jumped in a taxi and changed in the back of it as it careered through the streets of Cambridge. I've never been undressed in the back of a cab before.. it's an interesting experience.

Anyway, formal hall passed interestingly and the food was lovely for once. We got ratted and hit the pubs before going to a club called 'Life'. The music was pretty good - party cheese - and it was full of gorgeous women, and I actually had pretty good fun for once. Wicked.

Slept on a sofa and staggered out of bed around 10, very knackered. Had a coke in a pub with Paul before wandering into town to see Rachel. I hadn't seen her in a while and it was quite nice to talk to her. She seemed better than I had seen her in a long time, although not totally happy. She also dragged me shopping for new bras for her, which was odd to say the least.

After that I went to my old house and met Steph, who took over my room when I moved to London. She's a lovely lass, really she is, and we had a nice chat. Left Rob some money for council tax (grr) and wandered back, ready to head down to London.

Unfortunately I accidentally got involved in a drinking game in the Wetherspoons and got a wee bit trashed (again) before I managed to get a train, whereupon I sat in some chewing gum some wanker had left on the seat. Bastards.. luckily it's not hard to remove gum when you know how.

Went straight to Simon's for his party. Was pretty good, although no single women meant the atmosphere was a bit odd, and there were a few Oxford people who had their noses slightly high in the air (when I turned up having not shaved for 4 days, long hair in a trashy Calvin and Hobbes t-shirt, goodness only knows what they thought...) but it was still good fun and I got, unsurprisingly, utterly trashed. Left about 2 and walked home - Belsize park down to Camden and then Euston, along to Edgware Road and back up to my flat. No idea how far that was..

So now I feel rough.

I seem to have an enemy in St Albans, which is quite amusing.. but more on that some other time.



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