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It's about time I updated properly.

So. Erm. Yes.

Work is going ok, if hard - always lots to do and yet again I feel like I've been handed a promotion of responsibility with no difference in any other area. Ho hum.

My personal life is hardly sparkling. I've been out plenty, I have some good friends - some great friends. I still hark back to all those I've let down, ran from, haven't got round to writing to just yet, had to walk away from cos it just hurt too fucking much.

I'm single. I don't like it that way, but it's better than any alternatives. I don't feel able to be *with* someone right now, I need to know I can run away and bury my head in the sand when I need to.

I've just vacuumed my room. An old internet friend from the States called emo is coming to stay tomorrow on her way to work camp. I hope we get on.

I feel amazingly fat and ugly. I NEED to cut my hair but I can't afford London prices when I don't know anywhere decent. I also NEED to join a gym and actually get that fucking flat stomach.

There are people on here I may never meet. There are people on here I fancy who I know would never reciprocate. There are books I'll never read, music I'll never listen to, places I'll never go.

I'm not depressed. Just realistic.

I want a fuck. But I damn well do care who with.

My webcam isn't working, because Windows sucks.

There are people I love who I never want to see again.

There are people I loved who I do.

I'm going to see Radiohead in Oxford.

I'm not going to do that damn numbers thing. If you want to know, ask.

This is quite an offensive post. If I've talked to you today, you can be sure you're not included in any of the sentiments, and that you hold your places dear in my heart.

The world is going mad. Even Plato sounds sensible tonight. Stop the world...

I want to get back on.
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