Mar. 26th, 2001

(Please have a go at my quiz if you haven't already?)

So, um.

I've noticed something recently. Something that suggests I'm getting better...

I actually find myself getting damn horny quite a lot.

This is something I've been missing a while. At nights I've just wanted to curl up and sleep - whether whilst with someone or not.

Nowadays I quite often (to borrow a phrase) find myself rushing to bed to do something furiously.

And I have seen people and been close to them and actually wanted things to happen and not just wanted to roll over and sleep. (This has caused me both pleasure and humiliation, but we shall not go into that)

Am I turning back into a typical male? From whence my nickname came?

(I doubt it. I think I'm still too scared of sex to be a real male slut.)

It fascinates me, though. I should not detatch from myself really, but there we go.

I'd quite like to fuck someone soon, no strings. I think it's something I've always wanted to try - being too screwed up for committment may well give me the perfect chance.

(Not that it'll happen - who'd want to sleep with me? Nevertheless.. good sign, I think.)

Mmm. Too much information perhaps.



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