Mar. 29th, 2001

- I used to compete at the triple jump for my school and my district. My personal best when I was 17 would have been good enough to get me in the Varsity Match and I would have won a Blue.

- I have hypnotised over 200 people, possibly over 300, of which the majority have been on the internet, a fair amount have been in person, and only a few have been over the phone. The male:female ratio is about 20%:80% but rises to around 40%:60% for in person trances and 70%:30% for phone trances.

- I play the flute. I passed my grade V by 4 marks.

- I can remember the names of everyone I have kissed. I am in double figures, but only just.

- I am not a virgin.

- I have climbed several mountains in Scotland, France and Switzerland.

- I don't ski very well.

- My family clan is Lindsay.

- I spent a year at a private school.

- I got my first job working in computers when I was 15.

- I hate mushrooms.

- Tony Blair has decided on a 3rd May election and is just waiting to announce it. You heard it here first.

- I am currently eating a banana.

- I have lived in Newark-on-Trent, Cambridge and London.

- There are pictures of me on the internet dressed in bra and panties; dressed as a tart with a short skirt; and dressed as Britney.

- I have been using the internet for over 7 years.

- My first modem was a 1200/75 baud, and was very expensive.

Any questions?



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